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Pros and Cons of Vape POD System

Posted by Airscream NZ on

Vaping is considered an enjoyable means to quit smoking. Moreover, with everyday innovation in the vaping industry, it makes it even more exciting for the vaping community. One of these rapidly growing vape products is the vaping POD system.

Vaping POD system is a middle ground to vaping pens and vaping box mod. They are designed similar to a cartomizer but have the flexibility of liquid capacity and power. Pod systems contain low-powered pull, high nicotine strength, and integrated pods, which make it an ultra-portable system. They give a more cigarette-like experience than any other vape. They are less complicated to use too. Hence if you are a beginner or are new to vaping, then the pod system is a great choice.

Pros and Cons

When you are choosing a vaping approach, the decision should depend on your preferences. Therefore, it is a good idea to know what you are choosing and how it can suite you or how it may not suit you.


Vape pod systems are a good appeal to beginners and new users. Pod systems are easy to use just like the vape pen, and at the same time, they offer stronger nicotine strength. These qualities combined are best suited to use by beginners and new vapors.

Pod systems are pre-filled with the e-liquid of better quality. That means if you are not yet accustomed to vaping or looking for the right fit for you, pod systems can give better choices than any other vaping approach.

Moreover, the pod has integrated pod tanks to contain the juice for vaping. It makes portability easier as compared to the box mod. Also, there is no worry about leakage.

The pod also comes with an open and close vape pod system. You can customize the juices of your choice through an open vape pod system. However, if you want a quick and easy solution, then close vape pod is more suitable.


Vape Pod system’s ultra-portability restricts the capacity of liquid for vaping. The vape pod system uses specific pods with, on average, 2ml of vape juice, while vapors usually carry around 5ml. You will have to make more refills than you typically do with a box mod vape.

A very significant con of the vape pod system is that its battery time is not as sufficient as you want it to be. Though battery time for most pod systems is decent, they give two to three hours of use once charged. However, for someone who exclusively uses vape pod system, they need to charge throughout the day.

The vape pod system is a great replacement for a cigarette addict as they give a very cigarette-like experience. With its low cost and easy to use system, a vape pod system is a great approach to vaping for experienced and new users alike.

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