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What is Vape POD System?

Posted by Airscream NZ on

We are all aware that vaping is an effective way of quitting smoking, and many smokers have tried to break their habits. The vaping community is not foreign to innovations and creativity. The vaping industry is continuously rising at a quick pace and is debuting new ideas. The introduction of new vapor options makes it much easier than ever for vapors to experience consistency.

Some of the most common reasons for vaping is that the vaping companies have worked hard to develop devices which can provide an authentic cigarette-like experience, which are easy and simple to produce. One of the innovative experiences of vaping is the POD system. POD systems are the newest generation of vaping products. They are also called vape pods, pod vapes, and pod mods.

A vape POD system lies between a vape pen and box mod. Pod systems offer low-power traction using higher nicotine values instead of tanks with integrated pods. Both these features combine to create a user-friendly and highly compact vape system. A pod system is suitable for smokers who have not found a vape-friendly drug yet. In comparison to other products, a pod vape can provide a cigarette-like experience that replicates the comfort and impact that smokers want.

The vape pod device has pod to contain and vaporize the vape juice. On average, a vape pod contains approximately 2 mL of liquid, but more options are also available. The vapor pod systems are slightly larger than e-cigarettes but significantly smaller than the majority of box mods. Many vapors compare a vape pod device's appearance to a USB drive, although options can be found, which look like box mods too.

Types of Vape POD system

Open System Vape POD

Open device vape POD is designed to manually refill the e-juice of your choice using a pod with an easy-to-open top. One of the biggest benefits of an open system is that you can pick the electronic liquid you want, instead of restricting it to the manufacturer's options. This means your aroma and nicotine choices are limitless, although switching between flavors can be very difficult.

Close System Vape POD

A closed vape POD functions like a cartomizer, with pre-filled steam juice cartridges. All you have to do is click on a new one when it comes to filling again. In general, you can find cartridges in a mixture of flavors and nicotine strengths, but there are certainly fewer choices than regular open-system e-juice. In general, a closed system vapor pod is a good way to vaporize when the budget is tight because no maintenance is required.

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