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Quit with Ease, Quit with AirsPops

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Quitting smoking can be tough. There are a number of different ways to quit smoking: cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapies, and other stop smoking medications. Behavioral support and medications such as nicotine patches or gum increase the chances of successfully quitting, but even with this additional support long-term quit rates remain low. While vaping is a way to quit cigarettes by getting nicotine with fewer of the toxins that come from burning tobacco.

Quit With AirsPops

AirsPops is a closed pod system created by Airscream UK. AirsPops is one of the few close pod system approved by TPD. It is a much less harmful way of delivering nicotine than burning tobacco. AirsPops has helped many people quit smoking (Please visit our Facebook page @Airscreamnz for more feedback) and is a legitimate way to become smokefree. You get to stay social, spend less, and once you’ve quit smoking you’ll feel better for it.

It Is Less Harmful

The difference between smoking and AirsPops is that smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, which can cause smoking-related illnesses, and AirsPops can deliver nicotine by heating a liquid in a much less harmful way. AirsPops is free of tar, carbon monoxide, suspended particles.

Nicotine Does Not Cause Cancer

While nicotine is addictive, it doesn’t cause cancer. In smoking, the amount of nicotine in cigarettes is generally fixed, and how much you get depends on how you smoke. With AirsPops, the amount of nicotine depends on the strength of e-liquid you choose, and how you vape.

Truly Cater for Smokers

Vaping with AirsPops is not smoking, but a lot of people find it works to help them quit because AirsPops offers experiences similar to smoking a cigarette. AirsPops has a similar hand-to- mouth action as smoking, and it can also be social. It is fully dedicated to the taste adjustment and taste design to please consumers with the best experience.

Saving Money

Aside from the initial $19 for the device, AirsPops costs much less than smoking twenty cigarettes per day can add up to $9,200 a year. While AirsPops only cost $1800 a year.


Visit www.airscream.co.nz for more.

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