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How to charge AirsPops Device?

To start charging your AirsPops Device, plug the magnetic USB charger into a USB port. Simply place your AirsPops Device on the magnetic charger.

How do I know when should I charge it?

When the AirsPops Device battery power level is less than 10%, the LED indicator will flash multiple times and stop working to protect the device until fully charged again. When the device is in charging mode the LED indicator will illuminate continually, the LED indicator will flash 20 times then go off when fully charged.

How long it will take for fully charge?

Roughly 35 minutes. A full charge AirsPops Device are design to use about last a day (200-250 puffs). *However, the result might be varied as individualities.

Should I worry about overcharge AirsPops Device?

Overcharged protection. Every AirsPops Device comes with built in smart-charge technology that has been designed to prevent overcharging.

What should I do when my AirsPops Device is not charging?

There are a few steps to fix your problem:
1 Check to ensure the device is correctly seated in the magnetic charger, check if the indicator is illuminating during charging.
2 If the problem persists. Visually inspect the charger and device to ensure no damage (under no circumstances should you try to open any part of the device or charger as this will void any warranty on the products).
3 If you are still experiencing issues with charging the device, please contact our customer service team.

How to maintain my AirsPops Device?

AirsPops is designed to be maintenance free , we do recommend you periodically clean the metal contacts on the base of the device and charger to ensure the best conductivity.

What is the ingredient of the AirsPops pods?

AIRSCREAM Lab has developed its special e-liquid formula, which is mixed under strict quality controlled processes.
Our ingredients include glycerol, propylene glycol, flavor, and nicotine salt.
Nicotine salt is an organic salt, that creates a more natural and mild experience - Nicotine salts can also effectively stimulate the secretion of dopamine, thus relieving stress.
*If you have health questions about the impact of vaping or ingestion of nicotine, we recommend that you speak with a health care professional.

How many puffs can I have from one AirsPops pod?

The AirsPops pod is designed to last between 300- 400 puffs. However, the results might be varied as individualities.

What’s the shelf life of AirsPops pods?

The shelf life of the cartridge is two years. In order to get the best taste experiences, we recommended to use it as soon as possible after opening.

How should I storage AirsPops pods?

In order to get the best taste experiences, it is recommended to use as soon as possible after purchase. If it is not used, it is best to store the pods in a dry and cool environment at room temperature.

Why my AirsPops Device doesn’t work?

First check if AirsPops Device has sufficient power and is charged. If the power is sufficient, you can replace it with another pod to test. If you are still not able to use it, try the following steps:
1 Pull out the pod and gently press the two metal buttons on the bottom of the pod.
2 Use tissue or cotton swab, and gently wipe the connection part of the device and the pod to see if there is any foreign matter.
3 Gently shake the device to eliminate the bad contact.
*If it still doesn’t work, please contact online customer service for after-sales service.

What should I do when there’s a leak on my device?

If in a rare case you experience a leaking problem or after use there is condensation, you can use tissue or cotton to swab and gently wipe the surface. There are a few factors that can cause a leaking problem.
• If you Inhale too hard.
• Squeezing the pod too hard during inhalation and Exhalation.
• If the leaking problem is very serious, please contact our customer service.

What if the pod has burnt smell or taste?

There are a few steps to fix your problem:
1 Check to see the pod is not empty or low.
2 Taking long hard pulls on the device will make the coil go dry giving a burnt taste.
3 Leave the device to rest after 7-8 draws to allow the coil to stay primed.