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About AirsPops Eco

Our Brand New Start,

A Brighter Future with AirsPops Eco

About AirsPops Eco

Disposable e-cigarettes help millions quit smoking but generate immense daily waste. AIRSCREAM UK offers a game-changing solution with the AirsPops Eco. It's the world's first e-cigarette system built for reusability and recyclability, featuring a groundbreaking design. Made from recycled plastic is a major leap toward sustainable tobacco harm reduction.

The Technology Behind

The AirsPops Eco components are designed to be flexible and easy to dismantle, clean and reuse. Using a proprietary integrated Charging Shelf, each shelf can charge up to 512 batteries simultaneously every 80 minutes. The shelf also monitors each battery's health so damaged or worn batteries can be removed from the pool of recycled components.
Once the electronic modules are recharged, refitted and inspected for hygiene and safety, they are ready to re-enter the market. Parts which are not reused can otherwise be returned into plastic pellets. AirsPops Eco can be upgraded as necessary without requiring a complete redesign.

Award-winning Design

AirsPops Eco's Innovative and pioneering design has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, it became our second device to win the Red Dot award for Product Design. AirsPops Eco is also a Gold Award winner of the 2023 French Design Award. 




How To Recycle AirsPops Eco

Recycling AirsPops Eco is as easy as 1.2.3. Please choose a way from below then following the simple steps.

Drop Off

Visit your nearby AirsPops Eco collect point or 313 Vape Store and enquirer instructions on our IN-STORE Eco Program.

Find 313 Vape Stores

Visit ECORECYCLE.CO.NZ for more information