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Airscream Air Pop Pod System

Posted by Airscream NZ on

The Airscream Air Pop Pod System is a close pod vape nz system that offers simple to-utilize components and numerous choices. This is a plastic interior battery with an inside battery of around 500 mAh. There is a charging association at the base and a little white pointer light on the gadget. A programmed drawing system without a catch to fire. Charging by means of the USB dock is through the USB port and takes around 45 minutes to charge. The pod itself is accessible in an assortment of flavors and can be found on the site. These are 1.2 mil pods with wide airflow that lock into place with a basic snap on the pod system. No preparing, simply interface and vape, the bended top guarantees unplanned pod discharge from the gadget.


The first big advantage of Air pop pod system nz is the battery life of this device. It easily lasts all day until the next day before charging is needed. Baping the chain will shorten its life as expected, but will be used as designed. As long as necessary, the life will be longer. Charging time is also less than one hour, so you can smoke for a long time without it. The marker lights on the front are brilliant and splendid, making them somewhat difficult to see during the day, however all through the room, they are obviously noticeable when the gadget is ablaze or should be charged. The association port is secure without inadvertently discharging the pod, it takes somewhat more power to evacuate the pod and builds the security of the pod itself.

The pod itself and these flavors are incredible compared to similar devices on the market. A variety of flavors are available so that the flavor is never muted despite the system. Each flavor gives you a nice big flavor. Pod airflow is much wider than other pods, and it's still a big professional because it can hit a lot and blow the throat. Larger nic levels are professional for ex-smokers in the sense that this more effectively curbs their desire and makes the transition to vaping much easier. The arc is cute and smooth, has no hard hits, and, depending on the combination of juice volume and usage, means one pod lasts several days.

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you can purchase airpop pod vape online nz from their website i.e. https://airscream.co.nz/

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