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Holly Red Tag Closeout

Holly Red Tag Closeout Event
Welcome to the Holly Red Tag Closeout event at AIRSCREAM NZ! We're excited to offer you three fantastic discount combos that you can take advantage of. Here's how it works:
Discount Combos:
  1. $5 Combo: Choose from the following options:

    • 1x AirsPops Type-C Starter Kit

  2. $10 Combo: Choose from the following options:

    • 1x AirPops Pro Lite
    • 1x AirsPops 7 Vape Machine

  3. $20 Combo: Choose from the following options:

    • 1x Innokin Vape Machine + 1x 10ml E-Juice
    • 1Aspire Minican Vape machine + 1x 10ml E-Juice
    • 3x AirsPops 1.6ml Pre-filled pods
How to Get These Combos:
There are three ways to obtain these discount combos:
1. Purchase Over $10:
  • When your total shopping cart value is over $10, you can choose to purchase one of the discount combos by paying an additional $5, $10, or $20. Add your preferred combo to your cart during checkout.
  • For every $10 you spend in our store, you will earn 1 TAG.
  • 1 TAG is equivalent to a $5 token.
  • TAGs can only be used to exchange for the discount combos mentioned above.
  • Share a photo of the QR Code provided below on your Social Media three times. Each share will earn you 1 TAG.
  • Provide Google reviews for our Stores, 1 TAG per review.
  • Upload photo on google review 1 TAG for each image.
Enjoy our Holly Red Tag Closeout event during your in-store visit and make the most of these amazing discount combos. If you have any questions or need assistance, our in-store staff will be happy to help.
Please note that this event is available in-store only and is subject to specific dates and conditions. Check our store for more details, also feel free to reach out to contact@airscream.co.nz .