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All orders placed over Wellington anniversary weekend will be processed on 26th.

AirsPops Referral Program


Airscream is running a AirsPops Referral Program with DTVape.co.nz. If you would like to become our AirsPops referee, please email office@dtvape.co.nz to apply for your Golden Referral Code!


Golden Referral


We will provide a unique AirsPops Referral Code for each referee. Apply this code to take 20% off each AirsPops Starter Kit, it expires in 2 months time (from the issue date). You will be upgraded to Platinum Referee once you generate $200 from this code within 2 months time ( record can be enquired upon request). Golden Referral Code can be reactivated upon request.


Platinum Referee


Golden Referee will be upgraded to Platinum once you generate $200 from your golden code before expire. We will issue a new code to take 30% off each AirsPops Kit, this code expires in 3 months time (from the issue date). Platinum Referees will be entitle to any further reward programs. 
Platinum code can be extended (upon request) for another 3 month if the total sale reach $400, otherwise it will be replaced with a NEW Golden Referee Code.

*All right reserved to Airscream NZ. Only individuals are entitle as referee.